Wild Elderberry / Wild Ginseng / Honey Concentrate

Item# wild-elderberry--wild-ginseng--honey-concentrate

Product Description

Wild Elderberry / Wild Ginseng / Honey Concentrate

Wild Elderberry Concentrate combined with Wild M/F Ginseng Age-Stalk Tincture blended with VT raw organic honey.

That we know of, this is the only elderberry concentrate utilizing the wild ginseng age stalks, which were traditionally used to combat the heat from fevers.

Meridians/Organs affected: lungs, liver

Properties: diaphoretic, alterative, detoxicant, anti inflammatory, antiviral, immune booster, with antioxidant qualities that protect cells against damage or infections..

Uses: elderberry alone is a known and effective treatment for colds, flu and fevers. High in Vit C

Each box contains three - 3 dram vials for a total of 1.12 oz

Sambucus nigra, Panax quinquefolium, wild VT raw organic honey