Wild VT Ginseng - Female Root - in 4 oz of Honey

Wild VT Ginseng - Female Root - in 4 oz of Honey
Item# wild-vt-ginseng--female-root--in-4-oz-of-hone4

Product Description

The "Female Root" is traditionally used by men to ensure a more harmonious balance in the body's systems.

Meridians/Organs affected: spleen, lungs, heart

Properties: chi tonic, demulcent, stimulant, rejuvenatiive

Uses: ageing & life extension, anti diabetic, anti stress, blood pressure regulation, immune system, menopause, mental health, sexual function, stimulant, tonic

To use, take a small piece off daily and chew or make into tea. Once the root has been consumed use honey as you please.

Wild VT Panax quinquefolium Female Root preserved in Locust Blossom Honey. Only ethically wildcrafted Vermont Wild Ginseng roots, 25 years +, collected by ourselves, are ever used.

When collectors replant ginseng berries, survival rate is more than 70%, compared to only a 3% seed survival rate when left alone. (Cornell University Study)

Ultimately, we must learn to live with the Earth, our Mother, if any are to live at all!

Wild VT Panax quinquefolium preserved in Locust Blossom Honey.

**Photo of both Male & Female Roots by Michelle V. Agins, NY Times, 11/24/2010