Wild VT Ginseng Products

Wild VT Ginseng Products
"According to an ancient legend from Manchuria, the Plant was born one August night in the forests when lightning struck a mountain stream, which disintegrated and became transformed into the root endowed with the essence of heavenly fire."

Wild VT Ginseng - Male, Female and Aged Root Products

Only ethically wildcrafted roots, of at least twelve years of age, personally collected by ourselves, are ever offered.

We have over eighty years of wildcrafting knowledge and combined experience of working with these and other plants.

VT Collection Permit & Dealer Numbers and copy of State Certification provided with each purchase.

It is believed that there are two basic opposing forces that regulate the universe and all things are created by their continuous interaction. These two forces, natural opposites, are called Yang for male and Yin for female. Since man is a universe in miniature and subject to the same Cosmic laws, our health depends upon the balance of Yin-Yang in our body.

It is believed that the male root should be used by women and the female root by men. This ensures a more harmonious balance in the body’s system.

How can you tell which is which? If the root is broad at the should and narrow at the hips with a single leg, it is a Yang/male. If the root is narrow at the should and wide a the hips with two legs, it is a Yin/female.

*Maximum tonic effect of ginseng is cumulative and may take several months to be felt.